Test Tube Filling Machines


The APCO Technologies M3000D Test Tube Processing machine will feed and fill round or flat bottom glass test tubes and cap the tubes with screw-on caps. The test tube processor is capable of producing over 3,000 finished products per hour with only one operator.

Accessories are available which allow the machine to process more than one size tube. Standard test tube sizes include 13mm, 16mm, or 20mm diameters, with height ranging from 75mm to 150mm. Starwheels and cap placement stations are designed for quick and easy changeover.

Machine setup time normally takes one operator less than 15 minutes.

Production Rate:

The machines production rate is dictated by operator efficiency, fill volume, fill velocity and liquid properties such as viscosity and foaming tendencies. Production rate will decrease as the fill volume increases. APCO estimates that the M3000D, with one efficient machine operator, and a single syringe pump dispensing 10 ml of a water like, no-foaming fluid, will fill and cap 16 x 125 mm glass test tubes at a exceeding 3,000 containers per hour. The actual production rate for each commodity will be determined during final machine testing at APCO's manufacturing facility.

Utility Requirements:

- Electrical: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 HZ, Single Phase

- Air: 80 psig @ 8 cfm, clean, dry and oil-free

Standard Features:

- Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and high technology plastics for all major components in contact with the product.

- Easy load gravity feed hopper for supplying empty tubes to the starwheel

- UHMW starwheel to index tubes through the production process. UHMW is easy to clean and provides long service life.

- Pneumatic indexing system for smooth movement of containers between stations.

- Top filling station utilizing a National Instruments FilmaticŪ syringe pump, Model FUS 20 with a stainless steel body. The pump dispense volume is adjustable and provides accurate and repeatable fill volumes from 3ml to 30ml. Other syringe pump models and dispense volumes are available. Other pumping options are available as well. Contact an APCO representative regarding additional pump options and pricing.

- 18-inch vibratory parts feeder designed to singulate, and supply correctly oriented caps to the capping station.

- Stainless steel gravity feed cap chute with escapement to supply caps from the parts feeder to the cap start station

- Cap start station pre-starts the cap onto the tube

- Cap torque station with a motor driven, adjustable mechanical clutch regulates cap-seating torque

- Stainless steel frame with stainless steel side panels. The frame is mounted on locking castors for mobility.

- Stainless steel NEMA rated enclosure for the electrical system

- Enclosed storage area under the machine.

- Common collection point for exhaust air. Attaches to a customer supplied hose to remove exhaust air from the filling area.

- The M3000D is designed to facilitate the addition or different size containers as the customer's product base expands. Starwheels and cap placement stations are designed for quick and easy changeover between tube sizes. Product change over will normally take one operator less than 15 minutes.


APCO Technologies Model M3000LA Label Applicator is a dedicated machine, interfaced directly with the tube filling system. The labeler applies preprinted pressure sensitive labels. Features include easy label loading requiring no tools, a label jog feature for label application setup and a label web backing rewind mechanism.

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